Personal Training

Turn Dreams into Reality with Powerhouse Fitness!

Whatever your fitness goals, count on us to help you make them happen.

At Powerhouse Fitness, we know you’re busy. We know you have lots of other things you could be doing other than pursuing your fitness goals. After all, most of Los Angeles and the rest of the country are overweight, out of shape, and stressed to the breaking point.

Weight Training:

Well-maintained, clean equipment, a variety of cable, rope, squat bench and dumbbell options and a whole lot of space make our gym different from the others. Enjoy the camaraderie that you can only get from working out in a welcoming environment. Whether you’re a body builder or a fitness newbie, you’ll find the activities and machines you need to get strong.  Just bring your commitment, and we’ll show you the results!

Weight Training

Equipped with a full gym, we ensure that all our clients make strength gains while maintaining proper form.

Weightlifting Programs

- Power Lifting
- Body Building
- Contest Prep

Fitness Boot Camps:

For some, it’s all about pushing the limits of what’s possible. That’s why our fitness boot camps are so popular. With convenient class schedules, varied activities and careful focus on correct form, and balanced workouts, we make transformation fun! Newbies welcome, along with experienced fitness fans. With the right class, you can do anything. Our trained, experienced and certified instructors have the moves and the motivation to help you make it happen.

Fit Camp

Our expert trainers offer a diverse class schedule and create a fun, intense, and challenging workout!

Group Classes

- Cardio Training
- Strength Training
- Lean Muscle Gain

Personal Training;

At Powerhouse Fitness, we take our personal training program very seriously. Each of our six personal trainers is not only certified and insured, but trained in our body-positive philosophy that emphasizes safety, lean muscle acquisition and results-oriented workouts. After all, personal training isn’t just for bodybuilders or movie stars. It’s the smart way to maximize your time spent working out, to ensure that everything you do is geared towards meeting your fitness goals efficiently.

Personal Training

Everyone of our personal trainers can design a personal workout and nutrition program just for you.

Custom Programs

- Weight Loss
- Add Lean Muscle
- Sports Specific Training